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24th Annual CBHM Sunday June 7, 2015 8:15 AM

Team Alzheimers
Long time runner and CBHM veteran Jane Lemire has been involved in fundraising in the Upper Valley since 2003. Jane and her Team of runners pioneered TeamAlzheimers for CBHM in 2004 by turning 15 race entries into $7,000 in donations. 

Since then, TeamAlzheimers has raised over $100,000. All funds are donated to several Upper Valley private non-profit senior organizations that specialize in the care and/or services for people with dementia. TeamAlzheimers is a totally volunteer organization that donates 100% of its proceeds back into the community.

Members of TeamAlzheimers commit to raise $350 dollars and are responsible for the $85 registration fee.
To learn for about TeamAlzheimers, visit www.teamalzheimers.org and/or email TeamAlzheimers@aol.com  for entry into the race. This is on first come first served basis.


David's House

David’s House was founded in 1986 in memory of David Cyr, who passed away at the age of 5 from leukemia. During his many hospitalizations, David often begged his parents to take the other sick and injured children home with him to his house, his safe haven away from the pain and uncertainty of the hospital. David’s House is the realization of David’s dream.  

Now, 27 years later, it’s been a home-away-from-home for nearly 13,000 different families from around the world. David’s House is a 20 bedroom home for families of ill or injured children for as little as one night or many, many months while their child is being treated at the Children’s Hospital at DHMC in Lebanon, NH. 

Because of the support we receive from generous people like you, we are able to provide support for nearly 1,000 families every year without ever charging any fees.

Members of Team David’s House are encouraged to raise $500 (donations are tax deductible), and are responsible for the $85 race registration fee. In recognition of your generous support, David’s House will provide:

-          A gathering tent at the start and finish of the race with team-only snacks and refreshments

-          Access to customizable fundraising web pages

-          Free team-only post-race massages

-          Exclusive runner gifts

-          A Team David’s House photo and/or individual runner photo

To learn more or register for Team David’s House, please go to www.davids-house.org/cbhm. Feel free to email Julie with any questions at julie.loosigian@davids-house.org.

Upper Valley Haven 

Help local families struggling with homelessness and poverty. The Upper Valley Haven is a private not-for-profit organization, founded in 1980, that provides temporary shelter for educational programming for homeless families and adults, as well as food and clothing to those in need. We create a community where people find hope and discover possibility. All services are provided free of charge.

Commit to raise $500 and enjoy the following benefits:

·         A gathering tent at the starting area with energy bars, bagels, fruit and fluids.

·         Receive your own Haven CBHM Team T-shirt (stylish, functional, performance - a keeper!)

·         Your registration fee will be covered by the Haven.

·         Training Tips by road race experts sent by email preceding the race.

·         Team photograph and opportunity for individual photographs.

·         Transportation of personal items from the start of the race to the finish.

·         Lucky bracelets made by children living the Haven’s Shelter and participating in the Haven’s Afterschool program.


Learn more about the Haven at www.uppervalleyhaven.org. To request a spot on the Haven team, please e-mailkmcnamara@uppervalleyhaven.org.


Health Connections of the Upper Valley

Quitting smoking is akin to running a half marathon. It takes tenacity, fierce determination, and staying the course when the body begs to give up. But nothing worth having comes easy, and the intrinsic reward that comes with quitting nicotine is like the feeling you get after sticking to your training and coming to the end of a long run: You've done it. You've reached your goal. And you can take a deep breath into lungs that are healthy and strong—secure in the knowledge that you've accomplished something special.

 Health Connections is calling on runners of the Covered Bridges Half Marathon to help us raise funds needed to support our outreach programs aimed at reducing the risk of chronic disease in the Upper Valley caused by smoking and obesity. Though our beloved Upper Valley is beautiful, an ugly reality behind the scenes is that 19% of adults smoke and nearly 40% of children are exposed to second-hand smoke—primarily because they live with a smoker. We work with communities to:

  • ensure access to affordable and healthy foods,
  • encourage opportunities for physical activity,
  • establish smoke-free outdoor spaces that limit the exposure to secondhand smoke,
  • help adults overcome their addiction to nicotine, and
  • educate youth so they never initiate tobacco use or misuse prescription drugs and alcohol. 


    It's a big job, but you can make a big difference! Your fundraising will be used directly to support Health Connections’ outreach initiatives, and you can finish the Covered Bridges Half Marathon knowing that your efforts will help produce a new generation of healthy Upper Valley residents. Maybe some future runners! We are asking runners to raise a minimum of $435. As a thank you for supporting Health Connections, we will pay your $85 registration fee. Each runner will also receive:

    1. A very cool and lightweight Team Health Connections running hat;
    2. Transportation of "your stuff" from the race start to the finish;
    3. A 10-minute post-race massage; and
    4. An emailed team picture.

     Great prizes will also be given to the top three fundraisers!

     Thank you for your support. Please go to our web site at www.myhealthconnections.org to register for the race and to learn more about Health Connections of the Upper Valley.

    Cathy Hazlett, MPH

    Executive Director Health Connections of the Upper Valley, Inc.

    PO Box 4, 467 Caper Street North Pomfret, VT 05053

    PH:  802-457-4780; Email: cathy@myhealthconnections.org

    The Family Place

    The Family Place is a Vermont designated Parent Child Center whose mission is to help every young child have a chance of success in life.  Through targeted programs for parents, single moms, family therapy, quality daycare, job skills readiness, our organization works to break the generational cycle that commits vulnerable children to a future of repeated poverty, child maltreatment and underachievement. 
    All funds raised will go directly to operational needs at our location in Norwich, VT which serves over 1100 families annually. 

    Members of Team Family Place commit to raise $350.00, plus pay for your registration of $85.  

    All participants will receive a special gift made by our program mothers, specialty food items from the area, a T-shirt, and be recognized in our annual report for their support. 

    Email Laura Bachus LauraB@the-family-place.org for registration information. To learn more about The Family Place go to:http://www.familyplacevt.org/

    24th Annual CBHM Sunday June 7, 2015 8:15 AM

    Registration Opens Tuesday December 9, 2014 7 PM EST

     Mike, Bill and the Race Committee

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    C​BHM is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Donations/Registration fees are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.